Interpretive Wetlands

Located within the City of Calgary's Pearce Estate Park, our Interpretive Wetlands boast 15-hectares of natural trails to wander. Keep your eyes peeled for a variety of urban wildlife that make their homes in the park throughout the different seasons!

Ducks Unlimited Canada Marsh

Follow the trails around the marsh to learn about the marsh and the importance of wetlands for wildlife and humans. The bird blinds and docks provide an opportunity to practice bird and invertebrate identification skills.

Floating Fen

As one of two types of wetlands that contain peat moss, the plants on this man-made floating fen reach below the fen to help keep the water clean.

Sandstone Pond

Named for the large sandstone rocks that make up its banks, this pond helps to filter water leaving the Fish Hatchery.


The streams provide homes to a variety of plants and animals found in the province. Keep your eyes peeled when following the trails along the streams for the urban wildlife who make their homes here.

Add to your Adventure

Enhance your outdoor adventure with seasonal activities taking place within our Interpretive Wetlands, including Marsh Dipping and Nature Walks.

Dive Deeper

Pearce Estate Park is a naturalised area maintained by the City of Calgary.

Updated: Jul 3, 2020