Bow Habitat Station is temporarily closed to the public until further notice due to the mandatory, province-wide restrictions that are in effect due to COVID-19.

School and Group Programs

Connect with Alberta's wild side at Bow Habitat Station! Investigate Alberta's fish, water and wildlife in the Discovery Centre, Trout Pond and Interpretive Wetland.

Our educational group programs and curriculum-based school programs aim to inspire curiosity and encourage students to think, plan and act with the environment in mind.

School and Group Program Bookings

Bookings are subject to availability and booked on a first-call, first-served basis. Call early to avoid disappointment.

Payment for advanced program bookings is due 15 business days prior to your first scheduled program date in order to secure your booking.

Bow Habitat Station reserves the right to change or cancel certain program activities where extraordinary circumstances warrant, due to weather or other unforeseen business interruption in Bow Habitat Station or the Sam Livingston Fish Hatchery.

All program participants will be asked to follow the City of Calgary facial covering bylaw.

Staying Safe Together

Your safety is our priority. Learn about how the Bow Habitat Station is taking action to keep you safe on our COVID-19 response page.

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Virtual Programs – at-home or in-classroom learning

Virtual programs are approximately 60-minute sessions, including a brief question and answer period at the end of the program. Programs are recommended for ages 6 and up.

  • Up to five classes from the same school or five groups from the same organization may attend at once.
  • Participation as a group in one space or from individual devices can be accommodated.
  • Sessions are delivered through Zoom. Participants are not required to download software or create a user account.
  • Logging in using a large screen / monitor and speakers is recommended.
  • Microphones and web cameras are recommended but not required.

Group Rates - Discovery Centre Admission

Discounted rates are available when booked a minimum of three business days in advance of your visit.

Youth Groups (ages 4-17)

First 10 participants: $45
Each additional group of up to 5 participants: $20

Mixed Age Groups (including youth and adults)

First 10 participants: $65
Each additional group of up to 5 participants: $30

Build Your Own Adventure Group and School Programs

Youth build a healthy fish habitat together using props.

Immerse your group in an unforgettable experience focused on Alberta’s air, land, water and biodiversity! Create a unique experience with selections of our Build Your Own Adventure activities.

Group sizes:

A minimum of 10 participants are recommended for group program bookings. A maximum of 20 persons may be booked per group (includes youth and supervisory adults).

Indoor Programs

Create a Craft (ages 4 – 8, 20 min.) $52

Discover the characteristics of Alberta’s fish as you create a colourful trout hat to take home.

Build a Habitat (ages 4 – 12, 45 min.) $52

Explore healthy aquatic ecosystems while creating a healthy fish habitat together as a group.

Who am I? (ages 5 – 12, 45 min.) $60

Calling all wildlife detectives! Investigate Alberta’s wildlife through a game of “Who Am I?” Track down a variety of native species using wild clues and fun facts.
Deck out a Trout (ages 8+, 45 min.) $52

Investigate adaptations used by Alberta’s native fish in the face of environmental change. Then, create a ‘fin-tasy’ fish of your own that is able to tackle even the most complex habitat disruptions.
Fish Feeding (ages 2+, 20 min.) $36

Learn about the needs of fish that grow up in the Sam Livingston Fish Hatchery and have a splash feeding thousands of adult trout.
Outdoor Programs
Nature Sense (ages 4 – 8, 45 min.) $60

Explore how Alberta’s wildlife use their senses to navigate their environments. Experience a local habitat using your own senses on a guided walk through the Interpretive Wetlands.
Trail Trekking (ages 5+, 45 min.) $60

Are you a nature nut? Put on your naturalist hat as you trek the trails of the Interpretive Wetland with an experienced guide. Investigate an urban ecosystem and the connections between the species that call it home.
Wetland Wonders – seasonally May-September (ages 5+, 45 min.) $60

Have buckets of fun using a net to dip into the waters of the Ducks Unlimited Canada Marsh to unearth aquatic invertebrates. Investigate the characteristics of these spineless species and explore the valuable role they play in wetland ecosystems. Rubber boots recommended!

Wild Wonderland Biodiver-City (ages 5 – 12, 45 min.) $60

Explore the wild side of Alberta’s urban spaces! Through different activities and games within the Interpretive Wetlands, participants will discover the wonders of local wildlife, including the migrators, the hibernators and those who have adapted to survive winter in the city.

School Programs

Two students in classroom at Bow Habitat Station learning about microbes; one with hand raised to ask a question.

School programs provide immersive learning experiences for in-school and home-school students that tie directly to Alberta Education’s Program of Studies. For more information and to book your program, call 403-297-6561 and we will help you find a program that’s right for you.

2020-21 School Year – Staying Safe Together

  • Program capacities are subject to current Alberta Health Services (AHS) guidelines. Please call to discuss further.
  • Programs have been adapted to eliminate high-touch activities and exposure to other groups at the facility.
  • Resources are disinfected after each program.
  • Adult supervision is required at a ratio of 1:6.
    • Preschool programs require adult supervision at a ratio of 1:4.
School Programs

Preschool (45 min) $120

Discover Fish
Journey through the life cycle of Alberta’s rainbow trout from egg to adult! Discover the unique patterns and needs of fish as they grow.

Animal Tracks
Step into the footprints of Alberta’s wildlife. Investigate the ways animals move and the clues they leave behind as they travel through their habitats.

Kindergarten: Fish Finds, Scales & Tales (1.5 hours) $160

Dive into life underwater and investigate Alberta’s fish! Students explore the physical characteristics, habitat, and life cycle of a trout.

Grade 1: SENSE-ational (2 hours) $200

Explore Alberta’s sense-ational rainbow trout! Navigate the waters of healthy fish habitats using your own senses (no tasting though!).

Grade 3: Trout Tales (2 hours) $200

Travel through the life cycle of Alberta’s rainbow trout from egg to alevin to fry to adult, and investigate fish development, characteristics and adaptations.

Optional: Add on a fish hatchery adventure to learn how Alberta’s rainbow trout fisheries are managed. Additional program fees apply.

Grade 5: March through the Marsh seasonally May, June & September (4.5 hours) $280

Explore local biodiversity on a guided walk and a marsh dipping activity in the Interpretive Wetlands. Dip for aquatic invertebrates that reside in the Ducks Unlimited Canada Marsh before investigating the characteristics of these spineless species and exploring the valuable role they play in wetland ecosystems in a microscope activity.

Updated: Feb 3, 2021