Bow Habitat Station is temporarily closed to the public until further notice due to the mandatory, province-wide restrictions that are in effect due to COVID-19.

Virtual Programs

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Virtual programs must be booked and payment received a minimum of fifteen business in advance. Booking dates and times are subject to availability and are filled on a first-call, first-served basis.

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Virtual programs are approximately 60-minute sessions, including a brief question and answer period at the end of the program. Programs are recommended for ages 6 and up.

  • Up to four classes from the same school may attend at once.
  • Participation as a group in one space or from individual devices can be accommodated for schools or organizations.
  • Sessions are delivered through Zoom. Participants are not required to download software or create a user account.
  • Logging in using a large screen / monitor and speakers is recommended.
  • Microphones and web cameras are recommended but not required.
Virtual Programs

Marsh Mysteries $80

Meet some of the hidden critters – aquatic invertebrates – who make their homes in Alberta’s waters! Investigate the varying lifecycle stages that happen both in and out of the water, and where you might find them in your own city or neighbourhood. Using a dichotomous key, you’ll learn the unique characteristics of local invertebrates and practice your new-found skills in identifying different species. By the end of this program, you’ll be ready to pick up your dip net and explore your local wetland and identify your neighbourhood invertebrates!

Curriculum ties:

  • Grade 2 Science – Topic E: Small Crawling and Flying Animals
  • Grade 3 Science – Topic E: Animal Life Cycles
  • Grade 5 Science – Topic E: Wetland Ecosystem

Who Am I? $80

Investigate the wild animals who call Alberta home! From mammals and birds to reptiles, amphibians, fish and insects, we’ll explore how to identify Alberta’s wildlife by learning about their unique characteristics. Get ready to decipher clues and follow the facts to test your abilities in identifying some well-known and lesser-known wildlife. Whether furry, feathered, scaly or too small to see, you’ll learn that each of these creatures plays an important role in maintaining healthy ecosystems - and so do you!

Curriculum ties:

  • Grade 1 Science – Topic E: Needs of Animals and Plants
  • Grade 2 Science – Topic E: Small Crawling and Flying Animals
  • Grade 5 Science – Topic E: Wetland Ecosystems
Coming April 2021

It’s a Trout’s Life $80

Swim along and discover the life cycle of rainbow trout from egg to alevin, fry, and adult. Explore how trout are cared for as they grow in a hatchery, and how these fish behave, adapt, and survive in the wild. Get immersed in the life of a trout and learn more about your role in keeping fish and their habitats healthy.

Curriculum ties:

  • Grade 3 Science – Topic E: Animal Life Cycles

Updated: Mar 3, 2021