Creatures of the Night

Discover what creatures come out once the sun goes down

Coming October 2024

Bow Habitat Station invites you to brave the dark and celebrate the Creatures of the Night! We’ll be turning the lights on to explore the mysterious creatures that like to stay up past our bedtime and we want you to join the party! Come shock yourself silly as you learn about the mysterious nocturnal animals that are often the undeserving objects of our fear and loathing.

Show us your inner creature of the night: dress as your favourite nocturnal species and be entered to win a wild and wonderful prize!

Step out of the dark with visits from our special partners from the Alberta Community Bat Program, the City of Calgary, Friends of Fish Creek, AIWC, Calgary Wildlife and the Wilder Institute/Calgary Zoo. After all, you don’t need to be scared of what goes bump in the night.

Featured Activities

  • Join Dr. VanFrankenschtink, along with her meek and humble assistant, in a theatrical and very scientific performance as they take on the invention of a lifetime: the Chiroptron2000.
  • Create a bat-tastic craft and investigate batty biofacts.
  • Challenge yourself with our nocturnal Who’s Who, using cool clues that you can explore with your fingers. who’s who in the nocturnal world in a hands-on game.
  • You’ll have pins and needles as you try to survive the quills and thrills of life as a porcupine. Try your sharp survival strategies against predators of all sizes and make a point of letting even the biggest, baddest hunters know that you are a prickly force to be reckoned with! Put your survival strategies to the test as you step into the world of porcupines and use various survival strategies against predators large and small.
  • Birds and bugs may have mastered the skies, but bats will tell you that there is nothing like finger flying to take to the air! Try it yourself with our human-sized bat wings! Try on a pair of bat wings and prepare to take flight!

Updated: Feb 5, 2024