Trout Pond

Trout Pond Closed for 2023 Fishing Season

Trout Pond Regulations

  • Catch-and-release fishing only.
  • Bait ban in effect (anything with a scent or flavour).
  • Persons ages 16+ must have a valid Alberta Sportfishing Licence if fishing or assisting others with casting or reeling in their line.

Dive Deeper

Fishing is a great way for family and friends to connect with some of Alberta’s greatest natural resources – our lakes, rivers, streams and the fish that live in them! Help keep fish in our future – be a responsible angler:

  • Know the regulations for your waterbody.
  • Use barbless hooks to cause less damage to fish.
  • Handle fish with care when catch-and-release fishing.
  • Clean, drain and dry ALL fishing equipment when moving from one waterbody to another.

Family Friendly Fishing Locations

See the following listings for family friendly fishing locations within the Calgary area. Be sure to check regulations and fishing seasons for these locations before you go (see Resources for Anglers section below).

Details for fishing locations are provided where available. For additional fishing locations, visit the My Wild Alberta website at:

  • Glenmore Reservoir

Resources for Anglers

Be a responsible angler and know before you go:

Updated: May 31, 2023