Alberta Biodiversity Festival

It’s in our nature

Coming September 2024

From the rainbow trout to burrowing owls and whooping cranes, Alberta’s landscape is filled with rich flora and fauna. Developed in partnership with the Wilder Institute/Calgary Zoo, Alberta Biodiversity Festival highlights the biodiversity in our province and the actions we can take to protect our diverse ecosystems.

Bow Habitat Station will kick-off the Alberta Biodiversity Festival with a splash of interactive, hands-on games and activities, fish feeding and much more. Featuring special event exhibitors and our event partners at the Wilder Institute/Calgary Zoo, this community celebration will leave you feeling more connected than ever to Alberta’s unique biodiversity.

Featured Activities

  • Peer into a microscope and zoom your way into the world of mites, aquatic invertebrates, moss, and lichens.
  • Meet Vinny, a peregrine falcon, considered to be the world’s fastest animal, reaching speeds of up to 300 kilometres per hour when diving to capture prey.
  • Step into the bat box and create a flappy bat craft to take home!
  • How do you measure up against the roots of a native prairie plant? Stand tall and see if you can outgrow various prairie plant roots.
  • Embark on an outdoors scavenger hunt in search of local biodiversity and get involved with citizen-science through iNaturalist.
  • How can you protect the quality and quantity of our bodies of water? Design a pledge pin – then wear your custom-created symbolic piece with pride!
  • Do you yearn to experience the peace and pleasure of fishing in Alberta’s great outdoors, but wrestle with worries that you might hook the wrong fish? Then you need Trout Without Doubt, our patented formula for confident fish identification! In front of your eyes, we’ll build a trout, complete with all of its amazing adaptations, guaranteeing that you’ll recognize these delightful and delicious fish without a doubt!
  • Collect cool prizes and giveaways including wildflower seeds, native wildflower guides, westslope cutthroat trout pins and much more!

Updated: Feb 5, 2024