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Engage your students in a life-changing educational experience by raising rainbow trout in your classroom!

From January through May, students and teachers participating in the Fish in Schools program raise trout from egg to fry and release them into provincially-approved waterbodies to continue their lifecycle journey.

About This Program

Established in 1998, Fish in Schools is a provincial fisheries management education program providing schools across Alberta unique and hands-on opportunities to raise rainbow trout in their own classrooms.

Since its inception, the program has engaged over 45,000 students in over 30 communities across the province - from Hines Creek in the north to Pincher Creek in the south.

Apply for Fish in Schools

Aligned with learning objectives identified in the Alberta Education curriculum, Fish in Schools is a unique education tool supporting the delivery of science and nature topics, including:

  • A trout’s life cycle
  • Fish adaptations
  • Healthy aquatic habitats
  • Water quality

By applying to this program, you can:

  • Engage your students by raising 65 rainbow trout in your very own classroom
  • Form a connection with Alberta's wildlife and environment through hands-on participation in fish care from egg to fry over a five-month period
  • Gain access to special guest presentations on Alberta’s environment and ecosystems to expand learning outcomes

Program Cost

Funded by the Government of Alberta, this program is available at no cost to students and teachers.

While there is no cost to access Fish in Schools learning materials, schools are responsible for the initial cost of the fish tank and equipment and annual maintenance fees.

Application Requirements and Guidelines

2023-2024 Applications open September 1-30, 2023.

To be considered for the Fish in Schools program, a school requires two project coordinators, and must:

  • Be a school residing in Alberta
  • Be in good standing with Fish in Schools (applicable to past participants)
  • Obtain signed consent from the school principal
  • Agree to the financial responsibilities of the program
  • Forward signed Program Guidelines acknowledging important program dates, required training and requirements

For additional information on application requirements and to apply, visit:

FinS Educational Portal Apply Now - (3 pages, <1 MB)

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Updated: Jul 24, 2023